Orange Is The New Black

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Favourite Big Boo quote from Season 2

"Two in the pink. One in the stink. It ain't rocket science."
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Orange Is The New Black - Season 1 ending

Piper goes ballistic and gives Pennsatucky a free dental treatment plan, with some help from Crazy Eyes. You go girl

Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 ending

This ending is certainly on par with Season One, maybe even better - Hell, they are both great. So, what becomes of Vee?
Rosa, who’d earlier been told she has mere weeks left by her oncologist, is given the van by sweet Morello. The prison is on lockdown with the disappearance of Vee, which offers an opportunity for Rosa to speed off. As she hits the road, Vee turns up on the side of the street looking for a ride. Without a second thought, Rosa stomps on the gas and hits her. “Always so rude that one,” Rosa says to herself. And with that, the season 2 villain is taken out. Rosa cruises off with the windows down and the sounds of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” along with sirens blaring in the distance. For Rosa, it’s music to her ears, and a great way to go. Forum Discussion

Orange Is The New Black - Season 3 ending

What will happen next season?

”What goes around comes around Bitch”


”Always so rude that one”

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